Long Term Care

Prepare for Long Term Care Now for Peace of Mind

While no one enjoys thinking about getting older and becoming unable to care for themselves, planning for long term care for later in life takes much of the burden off of your loved ones. With professional long term care planning services offered by the team at R4 Risk & Wealth Solutions, you and your loved ones can rest easier knowing there is a plan in place.

Covering the Costs of Long Term Care

Long term care includes providing financial assistance for professional caregivers or assisted living facilities in caring for an elderly person. This type of elder care may become necessary for individuals who have a disability or serious health concerns.

The need for long term care may come on gradually, such as with age, or suddenly, such as following a stroke. Advance planning for such care helps your loved ones to decide how to proceed with your health needs and provides more financial security in paying for needed services and medication.

Understanding Your Options

It is never too early to start planning for your future care. To learn more about the long term care planning options available to you, schedule a consultation with an advisor and financial planner at R4 Risk & Wealth Solutions by emailing us at Information@R4RWS.com or by calling us at 856-866-0028.