Life Insurance

Life Insurance That Protects Your Legacy

Insurance coverage helps you prepare for the unexpected and clear potential financial hurdles. When it comes to your family, what would they do if anything happened to you, the breadwinner? Life insurance through R4 Risk & Wealth Solutions provides the answers you need.

Life Insurance Coverage Varies

There are different types of life insurance that offer different kinds of coverage. The two main categories are Term Life and Permanent:

  • Term Life Insurance: This kind of coverage provides insurance for a specified period of time. When the term ends, the policyholder may be able to extend or renew coverage or choose to terminate the policy. If the policyholder dies during the specified term, the beneficiaries receive the face value of the insurance.
  • Permanent Life Insurance: Permanent life insurance can include whole life, universal life, variable and survivorship policies. Depending on the policy and the holder, premiums can vary. Some permanent life insurance policies also offer borrowing power.

Underwriters may look at your age, gender and overall health. Premiums can vary based on these factors as well as other answers to questions on the policy application.

R4 Risk & Wealth Solutions Insures Your Future

While there is no need to expect the worst to happen, life insurance provides support if the unexpected does occur. Learn more about the different coverage options available through R4 by emailing us at or scheduling a consultation with one of our advisors by calling 856-866-0028.