Investment Planning

R4 structures and manages investment portfolios with a focus on risk mitigation.

R<sup>4</sup>&#160;seeks to:

R4 seeks to:

Provide some protection from unnecessary asset erosion and any decrease in purchasing power (inflation)

Generate an achievable cash-flow

Position assets so they aren’t outlived

Accommodate any desired legacy planning

Our business model is driven by receiving compensation only after our clients have had the opportunity to appreciate the value of our recommendations by implementing them.

R4 Investments: Four Phases of Investment Planning

The initial phase of our structured process includes:

  • First, inventory all investment, financial, real estate and business assets

  • Next, R4 will back test* and analyze the assets at an aggregated and individual account level basis with a
    focus on:

    • Performance, fees, and risk (i.e. concentration/diversification, inflation, cyclical positioning, interest
      rate exposure)

  • Lastly, these findings and reports are shared with you

The second phase includes:

  • Working with you to “drill down” on the existing consumption pattern and to forecast the post-retirement
    consumption needs

  • Working with you to learn about your investment/financial philosophy, risk tolerance and to further “drill
    down” on all assets and accounts

The third phase includes:

  • Engaging with you with the goal of helping to eliminate the unnecessary risks that were identified in the prior

  • Using your input, R4 will develop a model portfolio to determine if it is possible to align the priorities and

    • R4 has successfully created a model portfolio if the projected cash-flow equals or exceeds the desired
      cash-flow given the client’s risk profile

  • The difference between your current portfolio and the model portfolio will be the basis for any investment

The fourth phase includes:

  • Quarterly investment reviews (in-person preferably)

  • Availability to R4

*Back tested results do not represent the results of actual trading using client assets but are achieved by means of the retroactive application of an investment
process that was designed with the benefit of hindsight. There is no guarantee that back tested results can or will be achieved. This material is for
informational/discussion purposes only. This is not an offer to buy or a solicitation of an offer to sell securities. There is no guarantee the product will achieve it's
objectives. Risk Management is an attempt to manage risk but does not imply low risk.