Retirement Planning

At R4®, it is our model to provide both wealth management and investment management services to our clients using the decades of unique experience and training.

R 4® Investments: Retirement Planning

R 4® Investments: Retirement Planning

The value of thoughtful PLANNING can be rendered pointless as a result of poor INVESTMENT management, and vice versa. The key to having a financially successful retirement is based on combining both thoughtful planning and thoughtful investing. R4® provides both the thoughtful planning and investment management services for our clients using our decades of non-traditional training and perspective.

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Phases of Retirement Planning

1. Contribution Phase (“Seed”)

2. Accumulation Phase (“Store and Grow”)

3. Distribution Phase (“Harvest”) Primary Focus at R4®

The contribution and accumulation phases typically get the most focus by financial advisors. However, R4® believes that the distribution phase should be the utmost priority as that will drive the prior two phases.

After all, if you do not plan for how you will spend your savings and investments in retirement then how can you properly plan how much you should save and invest?

Sources of Retirement Income

1. Employer sponsored retirement plans

2. Individual Retirement Plans (IRA)

3. Personal investments

4. Social Security


While some people believe they know what tax rates will be in five years, it is impossible to have any confidence in knowing what they will be over ten years out. If a client will be taking distributions and/or leveraging gifts in the future, it is important to establish three different buckets of investments with respect to taxation.

1. Ordinary income tax rates (Deferred Taxation like a 401k)

2. Capital gains tax rates (After-Tax Investment Account)

3. No taxation (Roth 401k & IRA, Municipal Bonds, or Life insurance Policy)

Healthcare Expense Mitigation

1. Employer sponsored retiree group health insurance

2. Medicare & Supplemental health insurance

3. Long Term Care (LTC) Expense Exposure

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