<b>Welcome to the R<sup>4</sup> Family</b>

Welcome to the R4 Family

This is a multi-generational, family business. Peter Rosengard founded this business decades ago and has been joined by all three of his sons over the years. This company provides our clients with wealth management services including personal insurance as well as employee benefits services.

What We Do
As an independent firm, we partner with all of the top vendors in each area. We are licensed in 39 states for insurance and securities. All of our work is done in-house; we never have to outsource due to our internal structured processes and experience. You can count on us for personalized attention and a holistic approach when working with R4 in any capacity.

Who We Serve
R4 works with people from all walks of life and businesses of any size. Our clients are in the public service industry, business owners, teachers, investors and lawyers. They’re charities, technology companies, financial businesses and transportation companies. We serve those who are just starting their careers as well as those who are enjoying retirement, often from within the same family. Get in touch with us today at (856) 866-0028 to find out what we can do for you.



Insurance coverage can provide a solid foundation for your future, protecting you and those who depend on you for financial security. Whether it be for peace of mind and replacing an income in the case of a tragic loss or for estate planning purposes: insurance is an important component to financial security.



Implementing a well-conceived, personalized investment strategy is vital in helping you reach your financial goals. We’ll work closely with you to define investment objectives, develop investment strategies, and tailor a program with your current and future goals. We have the knowledge to guide you through the increasingly complex roadmap of investments that are available to you in today’s growing financial market.



In today's highly competitive marketplace, it's becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to attract and retain top talent. Salary is no longer the sole compensation driver. Employees are also looking at an employer's overall benefits package and its potential to help address their real concerns of financially protecting their families in addition to adequately planning for retirement.

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